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Save time, money and energy on remote candiate sourcing. Curate, hire and manage candidates with one click.

No more listing fees. No more expensive recruiting fees. No more time wasted.

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How it works


List a job, then either wait or reverse search for canidates.


Communicate with your candidate and negotiate employment terms.


Hire, train and grow your culture, all in one place.

Why us?

It's Free

List an unlimited amount of jobs, like as many candidates and match with as many as you please, all for free!

It's Simple

Just list a job, like a candidate and wait for the match. After that, use our infrastructure to legally hire anywhere on Earth!

It's Flexible

Pick and use what you need depending on your requirements and add/remove tools with ease. No contracts.

Complete Access & Integration

Get access to the platform free and clear and integrate any other software you use externally within the platform.

Join a Community

Join fellow entrepreneurs and business owners in a private discord server to network and support each other.

About Us

Hiring doesn't have to be so complicated. Building a team isn't about where you are, but who you are and what you believe in and finding people who match your vision. We seem to be interconnected globally in every way, except work. We aim to bridge that gap and be the change.


After you've signed up and then setup your profile (recommended), you would list a remote position you have available and then begin to search for candidates. If a candidate likes your position and you like their profile, you will be matched where you can begin discussing assessments/interviews and employment terms, or maybe discuss the weather, it's up to you.
Firsly, visit your dashboard and list the available positions you have. From there, start to view profiles of candidates and leave a like on them with the job that suits their profile the most. Make sure your profile is up-to-date with relevant company information.
Yes. While different people have different beliefs about remote work, it is definitely the best way to equalise employment opportunities
After you've signed up, we'll send over a link via email with the invite. If the link expires, fill out a contact form and we'll resend a new one or add your discord and then invite you through discord.
Yes! It is completely free to access the platform, list as many jobs as you please, like, match and chat with as many people as you'd like. If you want access to more premium apps, you would have to pay a monthly fee for them.